New Botanical Suppliers

Liberty Natural Products has an ongoing interest to expand its selection of botanical offerings obtained from growers around the world. If you are a specialty herb crop/botanical extract producer and wish to increase your distribution please contact our purchasing department by email at

The Liberty website offers one of the widest selections of botanical extracts in the world. We strive to better serve our customers requirements and are very interested in establishing new supplier relationships to obtain new herbs and botanical extracts:

♦ new varieties
♦ new origins
♦ new extraction methods
♦ organically produced
♦ fair trade

We have a special interest to:
1) expand our dried herb selection and the purchase of aromatic and medicinal herbs direct from the grower.
2) buy specialty herb crops direct from Oregon and Pacific Northwest growers and wildcrafters.
3) work with Clackamas County growers to develop specialty herb crop acreage

We have plans to construct an expanded essential oil distillery at our 90-acre Oregon Lavender Farm location. The increased capacity will enable us to expand our production and distillation of lavender essential oil, distillation of Christmas tree culls and to also provide distillation services to local growers who are interested in growing specialty herb crops.

Our goal is to:
1) use our processing and distribution capacities to enable and support the expansion of local specialty herb crop cultivation;
2) strategically partner with our local grower neighbors to provide information, services and assistance with cultivation, processing, quality control and distribution of their specialty herb crops.

We look forward to your contact.