Ingredients Regulation Information

This product is regulated by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).
Customers will need to be approved through Liberty Natural Products before
purchasing this material.
If you wish to be approved, please contact us and we will mail or fax you
the form regarding the following information:
-Photocopy of drivers license
-Photocopy of business license
-Photocopy of Social Security card
-A detailed report of your intended use of this material.
-A statement that this item will not be resold in its raw form.
Once you mail or fax this form back to us, it will be submitted to the DEA.
If approved, you will be notified, and the order will be processed. Approval
may take about 2 weeks for established customers and 3-4 weeks for new

Customers must have a verifiable phone number and address
Any amount sold requires drivers License and social security number.

DEA Application Form