Job Openings

*Currently there are not any available positions at Liberty Natural Products. 01.28.21*


Location:  20949 S. Harris Road, Oregon City, OR 97045 

Area Map, Driving Directions


Liberty Natural Products, Inc. is a botanical distributor and operates a 90 acre Certified Organic herb farm located near Carver/Barton.

We specialize in importing and distributing wholesale botanical oils and other natural extracts since 1982. 

We are a growing company and have the satisfaction of serving the natural products industry the world over.


No. of Employees: 35

The job descriptions listed below indicate full time hours and the typical shifts. 


If you are interested in applying for a position, please send your Cover Letter and Resume as text in your email or attached as a Microsoft Word file or Adobe PDF to  Selected applicants will be contacted by email to schedule an interview.  Local Clackamas County residents are especially encouraged to apply!  Please do not phone as we handle the job application process by email only. Thank you for your interest in Liberty Natural Products.



The ideal candidates should possess the following skills and availability:

      -    Positive and Encouraging attitude. Sometimes the work can be monotonous and routine. Please be comfortable in that kind of environment.
-  The positions in shipping, production, and on our lavender farm will require lifting, communicating, and the ability to self manage.
-  Steady hands and the ability to work on your feet throughout the day are essential in the shipping, production and farm departments.
-  We are looking for reliable people with a solid work ethic and a proven history of cross training.
-  40 to 50 pounds of lifting strength is expected in both the shipping department and production department. There are many days where as many as 10 boxes and or drums weighing 40 - 50 pounds will need to be maneuvered, therefore, this should be considered when applying.
-  All of our established departments involve thoughtful and considerate customer service. Our customers love the quality of our customer care and we don't ever want that to change!
-  Our phones ring a lot around here. When they do, your personality will be of the kind that it is not bothered by the high tempo and pace.
-  Sometimes, however, the phones seem to get quiet. When they do, your personality will recognize a small business requires the wearing of many hats and  you excel at the opportunity to learn new things and do new things including preparing for and working at our annual Clackamas County Lavender Festival. The Clackamas County Lavender Festival is a mandatory weekend of work.


Production and Fulfillment Assistant: (Day shift, 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, Breaks and Lunch as required by state law)

*Currently there are no positions at Liberty Natural Products in our Production Department 01.28.21*

Most of our products are pure botanical oils and these typically get filled into amber glass bottles. We have around 1800 products at Liberty Natural and the production staff shoulders the responsibility of getting our oils into bottles for shipment. We do all this by hand. REALLY! Up to 500-600 bottles per day. We usually staff about 5 people for this shift plus one manager/supervisor. 

Steady hands and peaceful disposition are key. Knowledge of Botanical extracts is NOT necessary, however a clear understanding of Weights and Measurements is required and will be expected. Comfort around computers will be expected as much of the production work is generated by our DOS internal operating system.

You WILL be on your feet 99 % of the time, so please consider that before applying.

Reliable transportation is a must! We are not serviced by mass transit on our rural farm.

There is continued lifting and moving of product (but sometimes less than an ounce!) so please be a person who enjoys physical activity.
-Dispensing of drums (5 gallon to 55 gallon)
-Organizing and counting packaging materials and bottles
-Recycling, Cleaning, Warehouse Maintenance
-Special manufacturing of products. These include herbal extracts, soaps, electrolytes, etc. Organizing and cleaning of the production lab and all other areas of the facility.
-Quarterly physical inventory

ATTENTION to detail and being able to work with and around the whole team are required in all departments at Liberty Natural. Please ensure your Cover Letter and Resume reflect these qualities!

Pay:  Production Clerk -$13.50 hr to start.


Shipping Clerk (Day shift 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, Breaks and Lunch as required by state law)

*Currently there are no positions at Liberty Natural Products in our Shipping Department 01.28.21*

As with most shipping departments, the positions are relatively task oriented with the goal of getting as many packages out per day as possible.

- The use and knowledge of UPS, FED EX, DHL, USPS and a huge variety of Freight companies.

-Processing and handling of Willcall orders.

-Boxes, box knives, tape guns, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap etc. are all a part of these positions. 

-The ability to recognize that these standard packaging components ensure that the customers get their oils and extracts in ONE PIECE is of the utmost importance.

-Any sensitivities to Styrofoam, plastic, tape or cardboard should be considered.

-Our operations are substantially computer based and are used in just about every step of invoicing, preparing, charging credit cards, and processing shipments. Attention to detail is an important quality to possess as an employee of the shipping department.

-The computer system at Liberty Natural is INTEGRAL to our operations and your comfort in the computer environment is essential to our mutual success.

-Customer Service plays a big role in the shipping department as well.

-Being able to maintain a professional line of communication between customers, co-workers and managers is a must.

Pay:  Shipping Clerk -$13.50 hr to start.                    


General Farm Labor (Day Shift 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, Breaks and Lunch as required by state law)

Pay: $13.00-$18.00 per hour starting

*Currently there are NO POSITIONS available in this department. 01.11.2021*

We could use some help around our Organic Lavender/Herb farm and Botanical distribution center located a few miles past Carver, Oregon. Resumes from residents of this area are highly encouraged. 

Liberty Natural Products, Inc. and the Oregon Lavender Farm are looking to hire IMMEDIATELY! 

Currently we are hiring for 3 farm crew positions.

We need some help with equipment maintenance, repair, and operation. Depending on experience job duties would include forklift, tractor, and heavy equipment operation, driving dump truck (driving experience required), heavy equipment maintenance, repair, and operation, small engine and equipment maintenance and repair.

We also need help with some building and facilities maintenance around the farm including concrete work, carpentry work, janitorial duties, etc.

In addition to the above spring is around the corner and we will need help with our spring Lavender Harvest. Including field labor, driving tractor, field cultivation, mowing, tilling, weeding etc. 

Specifically we need a person who has a demonstrated history and experience in these areas. A minimum of 2 years experience is highly encouraged but not required. More importantly you will need to be the kind of person that is flexible to changing tasks and daily adjustments of priorities, someone with good organization skills and who is open and willing to learn. You will be expected to enjoy working in a rural environment and have a reliable way to get to our farm on a daily basis. Lifting 50 lbs. and having a flexible schedule when the weather is bad will be important. 


Customer Service:  (8:00 – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, Breaks and Lunch as required by state law)     

*Currently there are NO POSITIONS available in this department. 01.11.2021*

The Customer Service position requires a demonstrated history of customer care and sincere interest in natural products. In addition to a relaxed and comfortable demeanor, the ideal candidate should possess the following skills:

-You should be comfortable around a multiple line phone system and being at a desk for most of the day. Basic computer skills and your ability to rapidly learn how to navigate through a data base and type with accuracy and professionalism will be evident in your cover letter and/or resume- We take orders via phone, web and fax. On rare occasions, you may be expected to assist a customer with an order in person.

- We take orders via phone, web and fax. On rare occasions, you may be expected to assist a customer with an order in person.

- Customer Service representatives need to be self motivated and have an excellent sense of time management. There are additional tasks regarding customer service, orders, inventory, data management and special projects that do occur on a regular basis. You will be expected to help with prioritizing and managing your work load to accomplish these tasks.

-Customer needs and problems will be common, especially during the very busy holiday seasons. You are the type of person who does not take things personally and can easily make a negative situation positive for everyone.

-Your ability to leave your personal life out of the office will be essential. Consistent attendance and reliable punctuality are keys to our customer service team.

-You need the kind of composure that can quickly and calmly go from call to call without insult to the customer.

-Your ability to provide friendly and consistent professional customer service during business hours is KEY to this position.

-Additional tasks to customer service may include filing, data entry, light cleaning and possible assistance in other departments.

-Must be able to communicate with customers and managers in a professional manner.

-Listen to the customer queries patiently and be able to solve them. If the problem doesn't seem to solve, then being comfortable forwarding the problem to management.

-Responding to customer issues promptly and in a professional manner.

-Must sign and follow all company policies.

Pay:  Customer Service Assistant -  $13.00/hr to start. 

Purchasing:  (Day shift, 8 – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, Breaks and Lunch as required by state law) 

*Currently there are NO POSITIONS available in this department. 01.11.2021*


Our Purchasing/Import Department optimally consists of four people: a Purchasing Manager, Assistant Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Assistant and Quality Control. A substantial amount of our purchases are made internationally, therefore emailing and sometimes difficult telephone conversations with a focus on immaculate and concise communications skills are essential. Negotiating skills and an understanding of the Latin Botanical names of herbs are extremely helpful.

 This position requires an ability to work with government forms as Liberty Natural does all of our own importing. Utilizing the internet to work through confusing documents and terms and feeling comfortable self managing through these confusing puzzles are essential to the success of Liberty. This includes working within the rules of U.S. Customs, The F.D.A., the D.E.A. and often various freight companies. Currency exchange and real-time understanding of the changes and demands of our botanical products make this an ever changing and dynamic core department.

Tasks include but are not limited to:
-Comparing, analyzing and requesting quality documents and statements from suppliers and potential suppliers.
-Preparing quality documents and statements for our clients
-Maintaining a database of quality documents
-Making organoleptic assessments of our oils
-Critical thinking
-Problem Resolutions
-Being a Team Player

 This is a mostly full time desk job with extensive filing, information management, and occasional testing in the Essential Oil Lab. However, it is an extremely exciting position for a person with a sincere interest in natural products. The wage begins at $13.00 to start as a clerk, but the immediate opportunity for increased pay depends upon the individual’s ability to work within the framework of Liberty Natural's purchasing department and grow with the company.

 The Purchasing department is one of the most exciting and fulfilling areas at Liberty Natural. The skills developed in this area have resulted in amazing opportunities for past employees who have found themselves in Major international companies utilizing the basic principles of international purchasing on our small scale.