Liberty Natural Products, Inc.

Notice of Trademark Interest
to NatureSource

Liberty is a grower, importer and distributor offering the highest quality and lowest  prices from vial to drum sizes on over 1,000 botanical ingredients.   We are known to have the widest selection of essential oils, herbs and aromatic extracts available from any single supplier.  Also offered are associated  aromatherapy, personal care,  cosmetic and packaging products.

The use of  NatureSource in regards to the distribution of botanicals used in making cosmetic products  is s a registered trademark #3457712  with the US Patent and Trademark office. 

Liberty conducts business globally in acquiring materials and in distribution of its products.  The Internet has been utilized as a commercial medium since January 1995 when we established our first website at`liberty.  The domain name was created on 12-25-1997.

It is the intent of Liberty Natural Products, Inc. to defend its' interests in the mark NatureSource as it relates to our business activities and to publish to the public our interests in this mark.   Anyone using or considering the use of this mark in an infringing manner are asked to cease and desist.    This includes the use of this mark as domain name, company name, at websites, and in printed materials without permission.